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You Ask and I Answer.

Still have questions that need answering? I’ve got you covered! Scroll down for the list of common questions and answers below. If still unhappy with the answer drop me a message and I’ll get back to you in no time.


How long do coaching plans last?

Plans will last depending on your goal and experience, there is no established time and this will be discussed in our initial consultation. Also, planning can be canceled at any time.

How will my plan be delivered?

I provide workouts through TrainingPeaks platform or use google drive, but this will be your own choice and we will discuss this in our initial consultation.

Do I need to be an experienced runner to start with your training plan?

Absolutely not! I coach athletes at different levels of experience, and I create plans that adapt to your level of fitness, experience and goals.

Are plans adaptable?

Of course! I make sure that plans are compatible with your needs and busy daily life, I follow up with you and then training can be adjusted to any life situation.

How often can I communicate with you in your monthly coaching services?

There is no limit. I'm always available on WhatsApp or email to answer your questions.

Do you offer follow-up and calls if I get the personalised running plan?

Unfortunately no, this service is only provided when you purchase the monthly coaching services. But, I can answer queries by email, just drop me a message!

If I cancel my coaching services do I get a refund?

Unfortunately no. I invest time ensuring that plans are well designed and adapted to each individual, so once a plan has been delivered, I can't refund the money. However, If you decided to stop the coaching services, I would not take any further payments.

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