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'Believe in yourself, you are limitless'

Coaching Background

I am UESCA certified in Ultrarunning and a Level 2 TrainingPeaks coach. I have an in-depth understanding of the human body and physiology as I am a Dr in Biomedicine, sports therapist, and MSc student in sports science and medicine. Then, I perfectly know how to develop plans specific to my athletes' needs and improve their performance while avoiding injury as much as possible. I can also help you to come back from an injury. Let me know what your goals are, and then we can work together to make them happen!

Athletic Background

I have competed in races from all sorts of distances (from 5K to 100K); however, I enjoy races the longer, the better. Some recent and relevant events I have competed in include:

  • Tweed Valley Ultra 50K 2021

  • Fox Trail Pole to Pole 17K 2022 (10th out of 95 females, 5th category)

  • Full tilt Blair Castle Ultra 60K 2022 (5th global female)

  • Scafell Pike Ultramarathon 44K 2022

  • Salomon Skyline - Mamores Stalker 27K | World Spartan Championship 2022 (13th global female, 3rd category)

  • Pentlands Skyline race 27K 2022

  • Tweed Valley Ultra 65K 2022

  • Glentress Trail Marathon 2023 (7th global female, 4th category)

  • Kielder 50K ultramarathon 2023 ( 1st global female, 10th global)

  • UTS - Ultra Trail Snowdonia by UTMB 107K (DNF-91K)

  • Dalmeny Estate Trail Half Marathon 2023 (3rd out of 115 females, 2nd category)

  • Ultra Sanabria by Stages 110K 2023 (4th global female, 1st category)

  • Tweed Valley Ultra 50K 2023 (3rd global female, 9th global)

  • Skipton Skedaddle 50 Mile Ultramarathon 2024 (3rd global female, 11th global)


Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is training smart, potentiating the athlete's capacities while preventing injury as much as possible. I prepare my athletes to become stronger but never forget about the psychological aspects, making sure they gain confidence and have the appropriate mindset for training and racing. I set periodised plans following science-based methods to achieve optimal performance. Because of my medical background, I understand well the physiology of the human body, then I make plans challenging but safe to prevent injury. I provide advice on nutrition, gear, and all aspects of race prep to make sure you are ready and successful. I'm all ears! Love feedback from my athletes to work with them towards improvement and adapting training to daily busy life while having lots of fun!


2023-2025 - MSc Sports and Exercise Science and Medicine
University of Glasgow

2017-2020 - Ph.D. in Regenerative Neurobiology
University of Edinburgh
2015-2016 - MSc Integrative Neurosciences With Distinction
University of Edinburgh
2014-2015 - MSc Biomedical Sciences With Distinction
University of Edinburgh
2007-2013  - BSc Bio
logy Biomedical specialisation
University of Girona

Certificates & Diplomas
2024 - Advantage Ultrarunning Coach with Jason Koop


2023 - Myokinematic Restoration Certificate
Postural Restoration Institute

2023 - INDIBA Activ Therapist

2023 - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports Massage

2022 - Ultrarunning Coach Certificate


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I am Mario, an endurance sports fanatic and an enthusiast for the workings of the mind. I am devoted to understanding how the mind responds to the world around us, and I am a true believer that if we get to really know how our thought processes work, we can make our lives much more enjoyable and step up our game to a different level.

I hold a BSc in Biology, a Cert in Health Science, and I am currently undertaking a degree in Psychology with a focus on Sports Psychology. I am keen on better understanding the influence that mindset has over performance and the positive effects that exercise has on our mental well-being. Through experience, I have learnt that a combination of good training, a routine, and a higher level of discipline can give anyone new levels of confidence that will have a strong positive impact on everyday life.

In my free time, I enjoy training and racing in different events, from 5k to Ultramarathons. In addition, I have recently joined the long-course triathlon tribe, eyeing my first Ironman finish in 2024.

I am looking for people who want to become more confident and challenge themselves mentally and physically to reach their full potential.

Sabado - Matias Novo-41.jpg



Satisfied Clients

We take very seriously the success of our athletes and want them to feel 100% satisfied. Check some testimonials and success stories to learn more about my coaching methods. 

Accreditations & Memberships
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